Hinky Links: Staying Safe Online

I am really tired of getting spammed with virus-laden emails and hinky Facebook links.

While it’s true that anyone can unwittingly pass along malware; it’s far more likely that people who are careless about computer safety will be the bearers of digital disease than those who are not.

Some people are repeat offenders when it comes to virus spam, and it may be because they’re just not taking it seriously. You can’t just dial it in when it comes to computer safety. You have to stay vigilant and take reasonable steps to protect both yourself and your friends online.
Here’s how:

1. Run a good anti-virus program, keep it up to date, and cross check it  with another one every now and then to catch any bugs that your primary anti-virus program may have missed.

2. While  paid anti-virus programs such as Norton and McAfee can be pricey; there are  free applications that work reasonably well. Those include Malwarebytes, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Emisoft Anti-Malware (formerly A-Squared Free).

3. Don’t be a wanker and hang out all day on porn sites that are loaded with spyware or other threats. However, if you really must be a wanker and hang out on porn sites; use a feature like Norton’s “Safe Search” to direct you to ones that don’t have any known threats.

4. Avoid clicking on Facebook links posted by friends that just don’t seem kosher. If post is worded in a way that’s out of character for that person; it’s likely that it’s virus spam.

5. Make sure to download and install all Windows critical updates/patches.

6. Don’t click on links in email.


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