Recycling Used Electronics: Be Smart and Stay Safe

If you have used electronic gadgets you’d like to recycle; you can now exchange them for gift cards from Amazon, even if you didn’t buy them from the Seattle-based online retailer originally. Items they’ll accept include tablets, cellphones, MP3 players, cameras, and GPS devices.

Electronics are a “natural extension” to Amazon’s already existing trade-in program which had previously only accepted items such as video games, DVDs and textbooks, according to Amazon’s Vice President of Electronics, Paul Ryder. news

 This announcement comes one week after the King County Council (Seattle area) set guidelines for recycling electronic items such as cellphones, computers, televisions, and other electronics. The Council took action in response to concerns about the potential for toxic chemicals from disposed waste to leach into the environment.

Big box retailer Best Buy has also jumped on the recycling bandwagon, but in a slightly different way. Their buy-back program allows customers to return items they purchased there such as TVs, mobile phones, laptops, and netbooks within two years for store credit on a new item.

These efforts spotlight a continuing need to address global concerns about e-waste, much of which is shipped to countries such as China, where the products are broken down and stripped for parts that can be re-sold. Of great concern is the potential harm that chemicals released during stripping process can cause to both the people who do it, and the surrounding environment.

 But if you plan to recycle your computer; just remember that even if you format the hard drive or wipe it by using software for that purpose, a determined thief could still find it.That’s why you need to remove the hard drive and destroy it. Options include drilling holes or driving nails through it, using magnets to erase it, and more. 

Follow this link for more info on how to do it safely and effectively:


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