Use Your Mobile Phone Just Like a Credit Card

Don’t want to carry a credit card? No worries. Just use your mobile phone instead.

Google and Sprint have introduced the new Google Wallet, a mobile payment system that works using NFC (near field communications) technology. CNN Money

While mobile purchasing is common in countries such as Japan and South Korea; this is the first time such a payment option has been available to consumers here in the US.

The only mobile phone that works with Google Wallet so far is the Sprint Nexus S. It has Google’s Android operating system and an NFC chip that transmits payment when the phone is tapped on a card reader at the point of purchase. 

Because so few customers have the Nexus S; Sprint has come up with a workaround–NFC-enabled stickers and a mobile app–for those who have different model Android phones.

Merchants that can accept mobile payments so far include Subway, The Container Store, American Eagle Outfitters, Walgreen’s, Macy’s, Jamba Juice, Noah’s Bagels, Radio Shack, and more

Purchases will be made through virtual payment cards stored in the Google Wallet. Supported virtual cards include the Citi MasterCard, Google prepaid card, and gift cards from participating merchants. 

Although virtual payment cards will be encrypted for security, Google recommends consumers cancel them if the phone is lost or stolen.


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