Chinese Teen Sells Kidney For iPad

A Chinese teenager reportedly wanted an iPad so bad that he sold one of his kidneys to get one. Really. 
In exchange for about $3,400; the kid traveled a long way from home to a hospital for the operation. His Mom only found out about it when he returned home with an iPad, an iPhone and a big red gash on his right side. That’s when she called the cops.
Now consider a BBC report on the results of MRI scans on the brains of Apple devotees. Those scans, done by a neuroscientist, show the part of the brain that lights up when the image of the Apple logo is flashed on a screen is the same part that lights up when a person of faith is shown a religious icon.

Is there a connection? Maybe. Is trading your kidney for an iPad crazy? Definitely.
But also consider this; as job opportunities diminish worldwide–not just for teens–but for everyone; how “crazy” will it be in the future for even supposedly sane people to start trading body parts for cash?
You don’t have to wait for some far off “future” for this scenario to be common. It’s going on right now, as there is a flourishing trade in the sale of human body parts. 
Would you give a kidney for an iPad? Well, how about for enough money to keep your family alive? What would it take for you to be that desperate?

When I was a teenager and needed cash; I worked part time at McDonald’s selling Quarter Pounders. Today’s kids are selling pounds of their own flesh.


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