Cupertino Kool-Aid: There’s a Reason Everybody’s Drinking It

I never thought I’d see the day when a die-hard PC user like me turned into an Apple fan-girl punch-drunk on Cupertino Kool-Aid.

But yes, in fact, that day has come.

It’s not about how cool my computer looks, or that I’ve somehow been covered in the corporate pixie-dust that  inspires almost slavish devotion to the cult of Mac .

I don’t think everything Apple does is wonderful, and I don’t think their products are status symbols.

They have, in fact, made some pretty serious mis-steps lately. Those include such poor treatment of workers at the Chinese factory where iPads are made, that the workers have been committing mass suicide, and allegations of serious environmental pollution caused by the Chinese factory that produces iPod circuit boards.

Although I really like my Mac; you’re never going to find me waiting in line outside of an Apple Store, eagerly awaiting my chance to buy the next big thing.

It’s not about that for me. It’s about a great product.

Here’s what makes it so good:

1. Customer Service & Support that rocksThey’re here in the US, they don’t keep you on hold forever, they help you resolve your issue quickly, and they’re massively polite and upbeat.

2. (Comparatively) Rock solid operating system: Apple’s OSX operating system has been more resistant to malware than Windows, but it’s not perfect. In fact, recent cyber threats including FlashBack and SabPub have (hopefully) put Apple on notice that they need to be more watchful, more pro-active, and respond to threats much more quickly in the future.

3. Really helpful User Groups: Sometimes you need an answer fast, and it’s extremely useful to be able to find it in a Tech Support user group. I know most companies have them; but I’m still absolutely thrilled that I was able to find a resolution for my issue quickly and easily through Apple Support Communities. It saved me what could have been weeks of work. Great resource. Thanks, Apple.


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