Bitter Fruit: Apple Backs Off Virus Immunity Claims

I just knew that I was on the right track a few days ago, when I penned my latest rant against Apple employees who spout the patently false and utterly ridiculous company line that “Macs don’t get viruses”.

That’s because Apple has backed off those claims, according to a recent report on

The story points to some “before” and “after” Apple website  screen shots apparently supplied by anti-virus software maker, Sophos, that illustrate changes in corporate positioning statements with regard to security issues.

They no longer say Macs “don’t get PC viruses”, nor do they advise Mac owners to “Safeguard Your Data. By Doing Nothing”. Now their claim is that their products are “Built To Be Safe”.

To me, this is a is a much-needed step in the right direction, especially in the wake of millions of Macs getting infected by  MacDefender and Flashback malware over the past year.

As a Mac user, and a pretty big fan of their products and services; I find it very disappointing to hear Apple employees say things that are just simply not true. It’s not like I’m some sort of PR Pollyanna; of course I expect a little corporate spin–but I don’t expect a big fat falsehood.

So now it’s out in the open. They can get infected too. It’s not ideal; but it’s OK.

In fact, it’s better than OK, because now we can make informed decisions about using anti-virus software, stay informed about security threats, and recognize that we are not magically insulated from harm by the mysterious myth of Mac.

Truth. Straight. No chaser.

It’s about time.


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