Twit and Twitter-er

I spent a whole lot of time earlier this week writing a post about the Deputy White House Editor at Politico who got the boot because of some things he said on TV, and some apparently really injudicious tweets; one of which seriously trashed his employer.

But, I decided to take that particular post down because honestly; a Journalist getting canned because he said things his employer didn’t like is not news.

What gave the story of Joseph Williams’ ouster at Politico a bit of a quirky twist, though, is that when he tweeted that “Racism is the secret sauce in the Politico shitburger“; he actually meant it to be a private message.

Oops! Giant public Twitburger.

Now: add these info nuggets to your not-so-happy meal, and you may find yourself wondering if perhaps your next tweet should be your last:

  • Twitter reports that it complied with 75% of the 679 US Government requests for for user information so far this year. Click here for a link to Twitter’s first “Transparency Report”.
  • CNET reports there is a new Twitter feed called NeedaDebitCard which encourages people to display pictures of their actual (I kid you not) bank debit cards; including account numbers, names, picture, etc.–and people do it!

So really, you have to ask yourself; what is it about social media that turns so many people into such complete idiots? Why is it that we assume that the things we say online will actually–oh, I don’t know–remain private?

Think about it.

Then send me a picture of your bank account number and password. I promise to keep it just between you, me, and the Bahamas resort where I go to spend all your money.


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