That’s A Wrap! New Security Software Seals Off Apps

If you haven’t read the CNET article on new security software from a company called Bromium yet; definitely make it a point check it out.

A thumbnail sketch of their extremely complex “micro virtualization” technology is that it isolates any app that tries to open on your computer in a virtual machine; blocking its access to the Windows operating system.

That means for example, that if you accidentally click on an infected email link, or navigate to a poisoned URL through your browser; the malicious code gets sealed off and shut down before it can do any damage.

So far, it only works for Windows, but a Mac version is reportedly in the works.

Read the CNET story for more info.

Bromium Secures Computers By Holding Apps in Isolation

If you have any comments or insights on the topic; definitely post them below. It just seems like a fascinating idea to me. What do you think?


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