Pioneers Of Digital (USA Today Book Review)

Pioneers of Digital-book coverIf you’ve ever wondered why things look and work the way they do on the internet; you’ll enjoy reading the book I recently reviewed for USA Today; Pioneers of Digital:Success Stories from Leaders in Advertising, Marketing, Search and Social Media.

The book profiles twenty extremely influential, but not generally well-known people who have shaped online experiences for billions of people worldwide.

From search engine marketing, to pay-per-click, online political fundraising, and even virtual reality gaming; these unsung heroes of the internet have literally made your online experience what it is today.

Click here to read my review on ‘Pioneers of Digital’ Has Key Start-Up Advice‘.


‘Yes To The Mess’ Explores Link Between Jazz + Business (USA Today Book Review)

I was really happy when my Editor at USA Today gave the me the opportunity to review Frank J. Barrett’s new book “Yes To the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons From Jazz”. (Click here to read review).

That’s because I’m not only a jazz fan and singer; but also because I programmed music for businesses and homes worldwide for more than 10 years, when I worked for AEI Music/DMX in Seattle.

Through classic jazz at Talbot’s, Smooth Jazz at Hilton Garden Inn, Bossa Nova at World Market, and electronica-laced Acid Jazz at Polo Ralph Lauren; the colorful palette of jazz, and jazz-hybrid styles helped me paint unique and compelling audio brand images for my clients.

Programming music for business also taught me how working for a company that adopts the collaborative and improvisational jazz mindset, can lead to increased creativity, innovation, and harmony in the workplace.

So, when I read “Yes To The Mess”, I had the most amazing “ah-ha!” moment. What Frank Barrett outlines in his book, is exactly what I experienced in real life at AEI/DMX.

I was lucky to have bosses who would collaborate instead of dictate, to have co-workers who would share, instead of compete, and to work in an atmosphere that encouraged individual creativity instead of corporate conformity. This collaborative, improvisational, and jazz-like approach, helped us create unique and compelling signature sounds for our customers.

But, it wasn’t all collegial bliss and Kumbaya. Sometimes there were rather vigorous disagreements, snarky comments, and system meltdowns. Sometimes, it seemed to be completely out of control; exactly the kind of creative “mess” that Barrett explores in his book.

To find out more; click here to read my USA Today book review of “Yes to The Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons From Jazz”, and here to order it from

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The Dark Side of Social Media: “Digital Vertigo” (USA Today Book Review)

Do you share even the most intimate details of your life online?

Find out why that’s not such a great idea, in Digital Vertigo: How Today’s Online Social Revolution Is Dividing, Diminishing, and Disorienting Us.

I interviewed the author and reviewed the book for USA Today. Here is a link: Review: Digital Vertigo A Hitchcockian Tale of Web Angst

“Mobile Wave”: My Book Review In USA Today

Catch the “Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything” by software entrepreneur, Michael Saylor.

My review of his new book was published this morning by USA Today.

Here is a link:

Review: iPads, Smartphones in world-changing “Mobile Wave”

You can buy the book on

Modern New York, The Life and Economics Of A City (Book Review for USA Today)

If you’ve ever wondered just how all those Wall Street bankers got so rich, and stayed so rich despite the ups and downs of the market over the past 50 years; you’ll find the answers in Greg David’s new book “Modern New York, The Life and Economics of A City“.

I recently reviewed it for USA Today. Click here for the story.